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Commission Info

If you wish to commission me, here you'll find all the information necessary to do so!

Terms of Service
I only accept payment upfront in USD through PayPal invoiceIf you live outside the US, please let me know and I will calculate tax based on Paypal's shipping calculator. I only allow a maximum of one free minor revision to your commission from the sketch to inking phases. If you desire an alteration once the coloring phase begins or the commission is complete, an extra charge will be applied.
Refund Policy

I will be more than happy to grant you a full refund if your commission is still in the sketch or lineart phase. However, please note that once your commission has reached the coloring stage, you will no longer be able to ask me for a refund.

Will Draw
Original Characters
Fan Art
Pet Portraits
Soft Romance/PDA/Ships (Original and Fan Art)
Mild blood and injury

Will Not Draw
Intense Gore
Anything that promotes any kind of hate or discrimination towards others

I reserve the right to turn down any commission without question

If you are confused by any of the above listed restrictions, don't be afraid to ask me!


Portrait: $50 - $80
Waist-Up: $120 - $150
Full-Body: $160 - $200
Complex Illustration w/ Detailed Background: $230 - $300

Examples for each type can be found here in my illustration gallery

Background Fees

No Background: Free!
Simple Background (Solid color, Simple Shape): $5
Complex Background (Full Scenery, Detailed Border, Etc.): $15

Please note that the above background fees only apply to normal Portraits, Waist-Up, and Fullbody commissions. The "Complex Illustration w/ Detailed Background" option is it's own commission type!

All prices are based on your desired commission's complexity. Therefore, the more detailed a character is, the more expensive the price.

Commission Process

1. Send me an e-mail titled "Commission" with the following details to (or use the form on my Contact page)
Your Paypal Address
Character (Please provide reference pictures!)
Desired Pose
Complex/Simple/No Background (For normal Portrait, Waist-Up, and Full-Body commissions)
Commission Type (Portrait, Waist-Up, Full Body, Complex w/ Detailed Background)
Additional Commentary

2. Once your e-mail is received, I will let you know if your commission has been accepted.

3. Once accepted, I will send you a Paypal invoice.

4. Once full payment is received, I will start on the rough draft immediately.

5. I will send you a low-res preview of the final sketch. One free revision is allowed.

6. Once the sketch is approved, I will start the inking.

7. Another low-res preview of your commission will be sent. Again, one revision is allowed.

8. Once the lineart is approved, I will work on coloring. Once coloring has begun, no further revisions are allowed without an extra fee.

9. When your commission is complete, I will send you a high-resolution 600DPI file through e-mail.

Turnaround Time

Upon starting a commission, I will always take it upon myself to send you progress once a week. If I do not contact you, feel free to send me an e-mail so I can update you on the status of your commission.

It can take me anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for me to finish your commission based on my current workload. I appreciate your patience!

!!! Buying Commercial Rights/Legal Advisory !!!

Understand that by commissioning an artwork from me, you are paying for the artwork to be made, not the full rights to the artwork itself.

All commissions will still belong to me, which means you have no right to reprint the commission for sale and/or profit.

An additional fee must be paid for you to gain the legal rights to use my artwork commercially.

By commissioning me, you agree to the above terms of service.

Artist Bio

Khayda Garcia Mercado | 22 | Sleepy Dragon

Favorite Colors: Blue & Gold

Likes: Dragons, Anime/Manga, Drawing, Sleeping, Music, Animals, Collecting Shiny Objects, Food

Dislikes: Hot Weather, Socializing, Boredom, Waking Up Early

I dance to my rhythm as I follow my heart's bliss, always looking toward the divine.


If you wish to hire me for commissions, contract work, or simply wish to send an inquiry, fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 3 days.

Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail at