.:: Portfolio of freelance illustrator
Khayda Garcia Mercado ::.

Commission Info

If you would like to commission me for personal or commercial work, please refer to the information below and e-mail me at or via the form on
my contact page.

Portrait: Starting at $80
+$20 for a Background

Waist-Up: Starting at $150
+$20 for a Background

Full-Body: Starting at $200
+$20 for a Background

Complete Illustration: Starting at $300
+$50 Per Additional Character


I will draw pretty much anything, however I will not draw porn, mechas, and offensive subject matter.

Thank you for understanding!

Terms of Service

All prices are in U.S. Dollars

I reserve the right to negotiate these prices based on the complexity of the commission.

I accept payment via Paypal only.

Payment must be given upfront before I start your commission.

Work in progress screenshots will be sent to your specified e-mail during each phase.

A maximum of two alteration requests are allowed during the sketch phase, and one during each of the later phases of the commission.

Once the commission is complete, you will receive a digital product in the form of a full size 600 DPI PNG file sent to your e-mail address.

Artwork Rights

As the artist responsible for creating these artworks, please keep in mind that I do retain the rights to each illustration I create. This means that my art cannot be sold/redistributed/stolen/etc. or otherwise used commercially in any form without my consent. If you would like to discuss buying the rights to art you commission from me, let me know and I will be glad to negotiate.



Artwork pertaining to my original story Interlude, including character designs, concepts, environments, and more. I plan to share my story online eventually!

Fan Art

Fan art of various characters and series I personally enjoy.


Artwork made as gifts for friends and family.


All the other work that does not fit the previous categories.

About the Artist

Khayda is a 23 year old artist currently residing in Florida, USA. She mainly specializes in character design, illustration and comics.


If you would like to contact me for personal commissions or commercial work, please do so by filling out the form below or sending me an e-mail at I will respond within 3 working days on Monday to Friday.